Friday, October 1, 2010

Butterfly theme inspiration

If I only could have so many weddings at the same time it wold be cool because I wanted to have so many theme colours. In the beginning I wanted to have a peacock theme wedding. I was ready with everything, I mean I planned everything out in my mind but I had doubts since I didn't know how the peacock feathers would appear from far away anyway my mom came from the UK and she told she saw a peacock theme wedding and she told it was gaudy so she was like NO!!! I had to change my mind again and then I always liked lotus so I told her she was like ok. But I didn't know how to bring the lotus theme out because we have only limited source and I didn't want table decorations since table decor will be there util the food arrives so its worthless, so decided on having ceiling decorations. So finally I have decided on butterfly theme:) I love butterflies:)These pix are my inspiration the ideas might change you never know;)

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