Friday, November 19, 2010

I came across "The Decesare Design group" they have some really unique creaions. i have never loved a neutral pallete and especially cream and ivory... but these rooms are phenomenal. psss... yes i have found a funky way to display pictures^__^

The paintings are awesome
* i love the dining table:)So unique

Every piece in here is a killer!!!

A perfect room for a bachelor

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faux fur yeahhhh!!!

i have not considered much about you, but now I love it. I think it has the ability to make a room very luxurious. I have to point out that I love animals and so i say yeah to faux fur:) I have seen many celebrities like Victoria Beckham,The Oslen twins,Rachel Zoe but i never liked it in fashion perhaps too bulky in my opinion but i love the way it can transform a room in interior design.enjoy:)

Via housebeautiful
The rustic and the fur wow... nice combo

Via dcdesigncoop
i personally wouldn't have bought the leather chair but the fur seating makes it look comfy and i love the frames and the floorlamp

Via house and home
The velvet carpet he fur hmmmmm... awesome

Via Decor pad

Via a blonde and a brunette
The whole focal point is in the fur... Dont you agree?

Via matters of style

Via The daily bed
Without that silky smooth fur the room is nothing

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am hooked in to melody maison website. I love the stuf it has a vintage french style which make the things in thee so cute. The best part is they are so affordable and perhaps perfect for Christmas gifts*wink wink ;) Check thier website for amazing stuff. If I had to choose one my pick would be the double sided clock love the finish.

Ballgown Hat boxes-£23.95

Herbier Jug-£10.95

Pair of Hanging bird tea lights-£13.95

double sided clock£26.95

Peony wall clock-£12.95

Le bain bathroom shelf unit-£129.95

Plate Rack in cream-£18.95

Let's go Branca shopping

Tell me what you guys would pick if you were given a choice?

Set of 6 handed painted plates for $1600.00:P

Pair of pewter pheasants-$250

AB collection convex velvet framed mirror-$165(love it!!!)

Set of 4 black and white striped cotton placements-$65

Cystal blue porcelaine garden stool

Monday, November 15, 2010

Falling in love with Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen collection is so beautiful when I was coming across the room you see the solidness of the furniture. The simplicity yet grand finish of each item is so beautifully crafted. All the rooms in here is designed by Ethan Allen collection.

Love the stripes and the striking blue

The warm colours and the florals and the checks do work well together

Love the iron rod table and the horse truly eye catching

White and blue hues can never go wrong

Solid furniture is all we want for a bedroom

The green is gorgeous and love the display of the black cover books

The frames above the bed are the focal point

Everything about in this picture is just o beautiful the exposed beams are definitely an extra touch

Rooms that can make you warm

I wanna own an office like this oneday... oneday

Dont these colours give you the warmth

These days i am so in to frames but what really catches me in this pictures are the cusions

The ceiling lamps and the little houses are adorable

When i come across this picture i just wannan stare i love it