Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mood board

i know it has been a very long time probably almost year but today i decided i would post somehow once in three days yay!!!!anyway i have been busy with my studies i finished materials,drafting and history so excited about starting the other units.OK off topic this is my first mood board i created using "paint" am really happy with it i would encourage any student or designer to create their own mood board. i should say its very enjoyable. you feel like you got a project to finish with no restrictions. The best part is you can connect anything without worrying about the price. i love the colour scheme its neutral but still bright and cheery i love the wallpaper its from wallpaper direct and its called "sports league"and love the table lamp as well which is from Inside Avenue, so while a dull theme going on i wanted to punch out the room with few bright coloured pillows which are also from Inside Avenue.The bed is from "Laura Ahley" which is cool. Hope you like it