Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canadian cottages

my dream is to be a cottage interior designer:) yeah I AM IN TOTAL LOVE WITH WHITE WALLS!!! there i said it!!! and i found these beautiful simple yet sophisticated room in the Canadian house and home magazine. the designers are unknown

This place would have brighten up if the designer had used more colourful cushions (thats my thought)but still... love the airy, cozy feeling

01-love the wall mirror and the walla shelf and the bench thats facing a window
02-those chairs are the statement in that picture love it!!!
03-simple, loving the wicker baskets
04- white washed wooden roof and a colourful bedspread is all we want to make it chic

space saving and stylish

Love the wooden rack idea

The wooden chandelier is the focal point. Thats the first thing u see when you see this picture

Those dramatic cushions are a killer!!!!

OMG!!! those little chairs as wall decor is so cute...(am I saying cute all the time)

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