Friday, October 1, 2010

DIY Guaze butterflies

I love these and had tons of fun creating these:) and yeah they are for the wedding!!!

01- Gauze wire RS 2/= each
02- Stockinette RS 10/= each
03- Thread
04- Gems(thats what i call)
05- Plier or scissor (I later used the plier not shown)

Wrap the wire around the round object once to create something like below

and twist the ends to create something like this

*Make two identical ones for both wings,and shape it the way u like it
*Before you wrap the wings with the stockings i recommend to stretch so its easy to handle

so i used the thread and tie very tightly
* then twisted both of them and tied it with a wire to make it firm
* I pasted the gems
* for the antenna i took a paint brush and wrapped it around it to create the spirals and viola we have done

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