Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squinty eye Squint:)

I love anything colourful. This site is a real treat to everyones eyes, the concept is totally new. Just a teeny weeny item from this store can just pop an interior, don't you agree? i really wanna see a closer look of all this furniture. I would love to work in that company, It would be cool, just imagine working with colours all the time:)now thats fairyland!!!!

Tracy Glover

These table lamps are the ones I have been dreaming of fr sometime. I love anything with colour and anything unqiue. i always like glass paining and that sought of thing, so this was awesome. i love the colors the abstract design i love it.

Friday, September 24, 2010


VillahNova is a company sells upholstery,curtains ans wallpapers. Love the vibrant colors, textures and the prints.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd interiors

Who cannot love these pictures. I love the colours,textures, prints and the furniture are gorgeous. These kinda interiors are the one I want to create when I become a designr:D


Don't you feel like adding a pop of yellowee yellow after seeing these beautiful interiors??

Micheal S.Smith

I was doing a test for my project. so I had to find an interior where all the interior design elements are there, so i came across Micheal S.Smith. I found these beautiful interiors which were designed by him. I love how he works with heavy furniture. I am not a big fan of interiors with dark-wood and heavy furniture but his works are very classic.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oak Ray wood carving center

Loving the colours and the style

Love the rusty details

love the wood plates costs 10$ eache

15th Wednesday our whole family went to Kandy to book the hall for the wedding:) which is sooo exciting:).so we heard about this hall called "oak Ray" so wen went there and like the hall and we discussed things. so when we were about to go the coordinator of the hall asked if we wanted to see the wood carving center we were like OK... as we entered we were so surprised to see how the place looked so small from outside and how vast it was when u go in. he stuff are just Amazzzing!!! i could just imagine using them interior design. so i took few pictures enjoy!!!!