Tuesday, June 30, 2009

its raining red!!!!-Laura ashley

this website has gorgeous stuff. above are few things from there collection. and especially their lighting section. i just adore chandeliers!!! i am planning to have atleast 3 huge chandeliers in my future home:D well just check the website i have added it in my link section just click on it

pix i love

everyone has different taste. we might create a room but people woudnt like it. but we say we like it it doesnt matter what poeple say. do you this is correct NO!!! thats why clent brief is so important. before i registered in to rhodec international. i sighend in to a free course in Interiordezine.com .hte first article was about client breif. well am not gonna bore you:) so above are few pictures to that are soo creatve and luxerious. no one could say thta they dont like these

Monday, June 22, 2009

my sketches

these are two of my sketches:) i am really bad in drawing and sketching anywya:P the pink picture is seen and drawn. i loved the wall paper. i think its from wallpaper direct. anywyas i use paint to colour them i always like to colour them because it comes it vision. but i ahve done pencil sketches well. anyways leave comments. so i could improve lol

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i jus tlove this picture.i wish i had a room like this.it s soooc ute. the prints the colours wow its sooo cool. i really dont know who designed this i really wished. becuase this deisgners becuase his/her imaginary is soooo unique. pleas elet me know if you guys know who is the deisgner because i would love to see his other work:)the focal point in this picture would be i would say hte hot pink carpet wihtouht that it would be good but not aatractive like this.what do u sya:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Frank Roop

while i was browsing the site Elle decor i came a cross an interior "kitchen" which i just odor. from the time i saw that picture i was interested in sketching kitchens. so i wanted to know who designed it. yes you are right!! Frank Roop. so i went in to his site gosh he got some lovely interiors created. check hi site www.frankroop.com. and what i saw was he does some reality interior do you know what i mean. well functional interiors. we often See interiors and we go ohhhh ahhhhh but his interiors are like classy and cool. his colours are chic. so check him out guys. he was also named by house beautiful in 2003 as one of the top 25 interior designers in the America woooohhhh

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sample Board

This is my sample board which i did for M3, where i had to choose a wood furniture and select the correct fabric. and i got 90% for the test yay!!! anyway i struggled with the fabrics. it was really hard (could be frustrating!!) anywya mt tutor told em that it was not cut in 90 degrees i accept that coz am really bad in cutting or drawign staright lines:P anyway hope this helped you guys:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


love this graphic piture. wish i was an artist. for soem reason i love yellow even though never consider. i love all the elements int his picture. the glass the vase the flower cute isnt it wish i had this pic in my room

Jhonathan Adler

top design was the 1st show i saw him. he was my fav judge in the show. he used to give some funny expressions haha its funny its only recently i came across his interiors he has created i was like woah!!! this guy is making wonders. so i went in to his site(check the links) i was reading his bibliography. you should read it as well:) he was supposed to be a pottery artist (woah!!)i know he still sells them on his site:) one of my fav pic is posted above. i just love the chandelier. when i showed it to a friend he was like ummmmmm.(he didnt like it basically he was confused hahah) that was the day i realised that only interior designers understand ceratin things:P yeah even though we admire few interiors which other ppl dont like, we interiro designers should consider client brief:) so after i realised my friend didnt like it i imagined the furniture in one colour. then i realised the interior would be boring because its the colourful objects which makes the interior rich and bright yeah even though the chandelier is the focal point in here:) so guys Jhonathan Adler has done justice to this place woooooooo jhonny:)

Dazzling Glass

Ok guys this time am stuck in synthetic and processed materials-glass plastic.am supposed to collect 6 pictures where they have used glass successfully. i know it sounds easy but duh!!!! its hard:( anyway i came across this cool website. but unfortunately most of the pictures they had used plastic:/ anyway i manage to collect 15 pix:) hehe anyway i'l show you one of the pic am gonna post. so thats that.what i found out was that now people use plastic ( the invisible thing which looks more like glass:P) than glass because, glass is more expensive and there are more decorative options. so i came across amazing surfaces of plastic. so gorgeous!!!!the website is www.3form.eu..