Monday, October 25, 2010


I love flowers, I love leaves:P I just I hope i will be able to have a small garden when i own a house. My parents love gardening we have a small garden which is not really beautiful but ok... so i took my camera and took few pictures thought it would inspire me. After I took pictures I just realized how many textures and colour gradients are so well put together. Well hats off to gods creativity :)

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Thinking out of the bed

If you guys want to buy a bedside table well hold on a minute!!!!you dont wanna go and buy for so many $$$. There are so many ways of having having one and at the same time a stylish one too... so I found few cool ideas can bright up your bedroom and and these are my TOP 6:)

i like the vintage look of it but takes a bit of a space i guess

Ideal for a small space

If there are some unwanted chairs time to make them in to use

A painted stool can really rock as a bedroom stool all you need is flowers to make it cool:)

A simple ladder can in handy in other ways too...

YAY!!!who can say they dont love this idea its chic and sophiticated

Friday, October 22, 2010

Anthropologie inspiration board-Living room

Anthropologie collection is chic, vintage, modern, some tacky and different. so i thought i would put up a mood-board using there their collection. to be honest it was interesting its like you have to put up a moodboard with limited sources. bit i did enjoy it. tell me your thoughts about it:)

01-Spun stripe rugs(so many textures in one rug love it and the colour combo is fab)
02-Found And Treasured Lamp(love the vintage look)
03-Louisa Settee(The shades of blue is eye catching its a tricky piece to work with)
04-Marabou Boa Pillow(ostrich feathers i wish it was faux but seems soo cuddly)
05-Genova Side Table
06-Corrigan Chair, Linen( i love the colour and the hefty look of it)
07-Mirrored Dresser(i love the rusty look i know it s a dresser but no one sets rules right)
08-Blooming Filigree Mural(i love the springy look these days i am in to roses)
09-Creature Kingdom Hook, Owl(small details like this can make a big impact in a room)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canadian cottages

my dream is to be a cottage interior designer:) yeah I AM IN TOTAL LOVE WITH WHITE WALLS!!! there i said it!!! and i found these beautiful simple yet sophisticated room in the Canadian house and home magazine. the designers are unknown

This place would have brighten up if the designer had used more colourful cushions (thats my thought)but still... love the airy, cozy feeling

01-love the wall mirror and the walla shelf and the bench thats facing a window
02-those chairs are the statement in that picture love it!!!
03-simple, loving the wicker baskets
04- white washed wooden roof and a colourful bedspread is all we want to make it chic

space saving and stylish

Love the wooden rack idea

The wooden chandelier is the focal point. Thats the first thing u see when you see this picture

Those dramatic cushions are a killer!!!!

OMG!!! those little chairs as wall decor is so cute...(am I saying cute all the time)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greece inpiration

Have you watched "The sisterhood travelling pants"?well if you had not watch it they film in Greece(not the whole movie) and I fell in love with Greece.Why???? because almost 90% percent of the houses are white washed and has royal blue windows, doors and roof which is soooo beautiful. The tiny white houses and the narrow roads and the beautiful sea is just exquisite. So I found few pictures that can be inspired. When I have my own place(which is gonna be like after 10 years or so lol)I want to have a room inspired my Greece:)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If i had a wishing lamp.........

Antara Resort is where i wanna spend my honeymoon;) but I need 10 bags full of money lol... This place is definitely an inspiration for an interior designer. Can you ask for more??? A beautiful ocean, the lovely white beach, over- water suites and sip fresh chilled lime juice(I love lime juice:P) and to forget all your worries this place is perfect, simply perfect.... My uncle used to work in Maldives he told me its beautiful and at night you could see the fins of the sharks gleaming how cool is that????

Fashion and Decor

Yesterday I gotta chat with so many bloggers and designers. My day coudnt end any better:) Thanks to "abcddesigns" and "Jonathan legate" who invited me:)Anyway since its fall I thought I would connect design and fashion together. Even though here in Sri Lanka its either raining or sunny(which means we don't have Autumn)I still love the colours and the look of it.By the way i don't own any of these pictures, i had saved these pictures long time back for my interior course:)and i put them together :):):)

I love the blue and we could totally connect the touch of mustard on shirt to the wood floor

i just adore the art and i love the egg yolk color and the models fur color is so cute

Dark green and dark brown can never go wrong!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liz Levin interiors(swoons)

I was reading "The Notting hill" blog I one of the blogs which I adore I came across 'Liz Levin interiors". I was drooling over every project they had done. Especially the first picture thats really my style I like to make a room interesting with a pop of color. Th pictures she chooses are classic and definitely an eye catcher and her choice of fabric is just amazing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brad Ford

All I could say is WOW!!! love the abstract designs , the simplicity of the furniture and the neutral palette. The light fittings over the dining table is simply amazing. He proves that design doesn't have to be in perfect shape its all how you have you connect things together.