Saturday, August 22, 2009

fall chaises

Patricial Urquiola, another Spanish design star (based in Italy) made the new Fergana seating collection; super comfy, and adorably

cute poppies

Moroso also celebrated Africa's continual influence on design (seen all over clothes this year too). Stephen Burke curated an array of new designs, like the Binta chair, here, by Philippe Bestenheider and Moroso classics reupholstered in African textiles.


OMG i love this chair!!! Established & Sons, a British firm co-founded by Stella McCartney's husband Alisdhair Willis, has a compelling mission to keep manufacturing local, which matches its compelling designs. Their diverse pieces are intellectual, sleek and contemporary and never resort to pat minimalism. "Quilt" is Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's highly stylized take on the chesterfield.

its all about chaises

i came across this website ELLE and i found some cute chairs which attracted my eye. this is called the grace chair which is for fall i love the colour

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is my M7 project and i have posted jus few pix of my work 2 pictures of the paint sample boards and 2 the restaurant plan sample boards. for some reason i never liked this project. anyway i inked the black border lines and my tutor complained it was blotchy so NEVER INK BORDER LINES. and i did 3D plan as well anywyain to thisin this. anyway hope this helps :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So this is my sample board. felt so lazy to upload the pix. The cream sample board is from "Little Greene" and its called Craven st. I have used all green products for this sample board and i thought this wallpaper was easy to work. The green sample board is my fav. The wallpaper is from "Farrow and Ball" and its called silver gate.I love the colour & the texture

Sunday, August 2, 2009


i love bright spaces who doesn't love!!! here are few pictures which i linger monger looking at them;)

Benjamin Moor

working with dark colours can be a challenge. its not easy to select furniture fabric etc etc. the above picture is totally cool!! the colour is "black satin" from Benjamin moor. i am not a fan of the table but other than that i love the curtain colour really goes well with the colour of the wall isn't it?


i really enjoyed doing this project i lovvvvvee wallpapers this was for the Q1 i got ym marks dayb4 yesterday i got 92 which i ma quie happy after i get my projct i'l post my sample boards for Q2:)I divided them in 3 sections like cheap medium expensive. so ig ot these samples from farrow and ball wallpaper direct and little greene. and my tutr was quite happy with the presenttaion she told me it was not staright lol asa usual if you guys have an questions pls comment or send an email i'll reply:)


OK guys the main reason i painted my wall is because i couldn't do any fun stuff or decorate my room having a green wall. so i thought it would be cool to paste few glittering butterflies. so i drew butterflies keeping a template on a thick black board and pasted different coloured fabrics i have chosen organdy and rich fabrics. and now the fun part, i decorated the butterflies with sequins, buttons and gems it was looks totally cool.i think if i had added another 2 more orange butterflies it would be cool hmmm maybe I'll do it some other time until then i love my wall!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


i am starting to love painted wood panels and specially when they are coloured in white i love this two pictures. i would defo create a room in my house with white washed wood wall panels and the white floor is sooooo coool but i dont think it will it be easy to maintain a white wood floor.


this was a greta challangemy wall was green and i i wanted anothe colour becuase i coudnt decorate it. green can be nice but i painted my a wrong shade of green so i really wanted to change it. this paint colour is like a baby pink more lighter i belive. it was really hard as this was the 1t time i used a roller and it took me 4 to 5 hours for a wall becuase i had to paint 3 coat it was interesting and the the painting was done by me!!!:)