Monday, November 15, 2010


sorry i had not been able to blog for 2 weeks i have been busy with house work since we were painting and my room is n white as well:D i am crazy over white thee days. so thnx all for tweeting me saying how nice my blog is i feel so jumpy and excited when i read your tweets so i came across LEE JOFA where they sell fabrics upholstery, wall coverings, carpets, and furniture. i am in totally in love with their products. its so vibrant, unique and mouth watering;) and i also saw some well known designers who have used their products and designed

Are you guys surprised to see Kelly Wearstler designed this? Me- NOOOO because no one can select and put together such unique things together

designed by Scott salvador- love the colour combo

Designed by Eric Cohler- the upholstery and the sofa is just WOW!!!!

Designed by Todd Romano- for me the focal point is the painting above the fire-place whats yours?

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