Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faux fur yeahhhh!!!

i have not considered much about you, but now I love it. I think it has the ability to make a room very luxurious. I have to point out that I love animals and so i say yeah to faux fur:) I have seen many celebrities like Victoria Beckham,The Oslen twins,Rachel Zoe but i never liked it in fashion perhaps too bulky in my opinion but i love the way it can transform a room in interior design.enjoy:)

Via housebeautiful
The rustic and the fur wow... nice combo

Via dcdesigncoop
i personally wouldn't have bought the leather chair but the fur seating makes it look comfy and i love the frames and the floorlamp

Via house and home
The velvet carpet he fur hmmmmm... awesome

Via Decor pad

Via a blonde and a brunette
The whole focal point is in the fur... Dont you agree?

Via matters of style

Via The daily bed
Without that silky smooth fur the room is nothing

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