Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jhonathan Adler

top design was the 1st show i saw him. he was my fav judge in the show. he used to give some funny expressions haha its funny its only recently i came across his interiors he has created i was like woah!!! this guy is making wonders. so i went in to his site(check the links) i was reading his bibliography. you should read it as well:) he was supposed to be a pottery artist (woah!!)i know he still sells them on his site:) one of my fav pic is posted above. i just love the chandelier. when i showed it to a friend he was like ummmmmm.(he didnt like it basically he was confused hahah) that was the day i realised that only interior designers understand ceratin things:P yeah even though we admire few interiors which other ppl dont like, we interiro designers should consider client brief:) so after i realised my friend didnt like it i imagined the furniture in one colour. then i realised the interior would be boring because its the colourful objects which makes the interior rich and bright yeah even though the chandelier is the focal point in here:) so guys Jhonathan Adler has done justice to this place woooooooo jhonny:)


  1. It's spelled Jonathan.

  2. lol yeah thaks am learning to type slowly