Friday, June 12, 2009

Frank Roop

while i was browsing the site Elle decor i came a cross an interior "kitchen" which i just odor. from the time i saw that picture i was interested in sketching kitchens. so i wanted to know who designed it. yes you are right!! Frank Roop. so i went in to his site gosh he got some lovely interiors created. check hi site and what i saw was he does some reality interior do you know what i mean. well functional interiors. we often See interiors and we go ohhhh ahhhhh but his interiors are like classy and cool. his colours are chic. so check him out guys. he was also named by house beautiful in 2003 as one of the top 25 interior designers in the America woooohhhh

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  1. Hi Hashma,

    I thought I'd say hello! You're sample boards look really good and congrats on the great mark. Where are you doing your Rhodec course from? I'm in Queensland, Australia. It's nice to see someone similar to my age doing the Rhodec course! I will check back regularly :)