Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picture portfolio

I thought I will share this idea with you guys if you were in my position:) so this is my picture portfolio. I used to collect interior pictures which I love and keep them in different envelopes. Needless to say it was becoming very hard and messy. while I was studying "materials"(I am a student) i had to do loads of moodboards. It was very difficult to plan one. so what I did was took a big photo album(which I found one in my sister's wedding gifts:D) I put all my pictures and I should say that was one of the cleverest thing I did for ages>.< Its a good idea to keep all the pictures for future reference I hope it helps other students and designers out there
This weekend I went out with my cousins to Nawalapitiya to have a bath in the river. It was sooooo beautiful!!! Above is one of the pix

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