Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picture Madness

today i am gonna write about picture madness for interior designers.we are supposed to collect pictures as much as we can. some times i save pictures just for a small piece of furniture or just for an ornament.its crazy!!!! but we cant ignore the fact how beautiful interior designers could create such interiors.even when u have tons and tons of pictures when we cant save few pictures its sad isnt living in a non-interior designing environment the thirst becomes really bad:P lol!seriously some times i think if i could ever create such beatiful rooms in future well future interior designers its time to brace our selves:)this picture in here is from elle decor(love elledecor!!)i even pianted this room ina sketch paper.i was wondering waht i was doing.but u know its nice to sketch these rooms even though our creativ mind doesnt work:P btw i dont who designed this who ever it is fabulas job!!!:)


  1. hi ,
    i think it could be better,m will give credit to whoever done this pic. i would want your idea how you can make this picture look brilliant, as for now its good . just a task for you to ponder about.

  2. i think this pic is a showing what a designer is capable of . using a few items to mak eit vibrant with the right colour choices , its great..,


  3. well roshan
    defo in few years time thanx for the comment:)

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  5. well awesome stuff on this site.... greateful to the creator

  6. Gurl you are already booked to design ma home interior :P
    good stuff Kasi!
    trust me iv been trying to design ma own blog in ages buh still keeping editing LMAO
    Keep it up !!!


  7. hey safi thanx for visting i know its nothing to do with u ms lawyer:P
    no worries i'l do it for u :)


  8. WoWW!!! this is amazing!
    ohh yeah how can u dream to be an interior decor when u r already one of those creative crackheads lol..haha ohh yeah remember once they complete building my room its ur duty to come n turn it into one of those unique creations, just like this okies??
    so my room is ur 1st serios project ok??? get it? lol
    Awsome gurl.. keep it up! ;)

  9. nyc work ,, the counter is ticking....
    after all the idea wasnt bad,,
    need a new pic on ,,, :-)