Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home office storage ideas!!!

These ideas are from "Better home and gardens" which really inspired me
01- Metal cupboard is cool to use magnets
02- Cool idea who thought painted cans can be so useful and stylish
03- Ofcoz storage boxes are cool you could even pain shoe boxes and use em.
(i do that very often)
04- Yep hanging things can be functional and at the same time cover a bare wall
05- I love this idea. well instead of using a cork board u could use a canvas board and cover it with a fabric or wallpaper and stick a piece of metal and add few magnetics. cool isnt am gonna try that:)
06- Suitable for people who sew and scrapboking people:)
07- We could uses glass or clear containers to put things like buttons and markers makes it colourful and functional
08- Keep a small desk, clutter free and an attach a toothbrugh holder and viola!!! you are done

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  1. Loved it! I have taken the liberty of posting this on Facebook – – an online community to spread eco-awareness. Trust this is fine with you. Thanks!